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Padres Santos started in 2017 as a project to help 3PL, manufacturing or distribution companies by giving an excellent location in Saltillo as a strategic point of distribution through the lease or sale of exclusive warehouses.


Truck Parking

24/7 Surveillance


Public Scale


Different Communications Lanes

KRM Luminaries

Our own water supply

Optical Fiber with symmetric speed

Perimeter Fence

Paved Avenues

Access Control

Anti-Fire System

Alarm System

Wide Avenues


Production Area

10,226 ft2 of general floor and 657 ft2 of load and unload area with dock leveler and lift truck ramp.

Lobby Area

With reception area, access control, visit’s bathroom, employee’s bathrooms, lockers, showers and kitchen with eating area of 1,404 ft2.

Office Area on top floor

1,776 ft2 of direction area with its own bathroom, general bathrooms, meeting room, kitchenette and windows with views to the production area.


Saltillo is part of the Economic North Road, a highway project that reinforce the development of the Mexican economy by facilitation the connection between the states of Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Durango, Chihuahua, Sinaloa, Tamaulipas, Nayarit and Zacatecas.

Said project will launch the integration of Coahuila to “Ports to Plains” an important highway network that connects with the center of the United States and Canada.

interconectividad padres santos

Ideal location for suppliers of:

7 min

20 min

24 min

28 min

30 min


22 min

Ramos Arizpe

22 min


27 min


1 hr


2 hrs

China Focuses Nearshoring on Saltillo & Coahuila

China Focuses Nearshoring on Saltillo & Coahuila

Setting aside those in agreement or disagreement, China has already become one of the major players in global industrial and economic matters. A country whose automotive and technology companies are beginning to occupy larger spaces in international markets, and as a...

Saltillo: Best Destination for Nearshoring

Saltillo: Best Destination for Nearshoring

In the rapidly evolving world of nearshoring and outsourcing, Saltillo, a city strategically located in the state of Coahuila, Mexico, has emerged as the premier destination for businesses looking to leverage its advantages. This news report delves into the factors...


Torreon Highway #7940 CP. 25123 Saltillo, Coahuila

We have a strategic location with easy access to different avenues.
Fast transportation to the industrial zones of Saltillo and Ramos Arizpe

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