Saltillo: Best Destination for Nearshoring

Oct 18, 2023 | Industrial Park

In the rapidly evolving world of nearshoring and outsourcing, Saltillo, a city strategically located in the state of Coahuila, Mexico, has emerged as the premier destination for businesses looking to leverage its advantages. This news report delves into the factors that make Saltillo the best destination for nearshoring, including its proximity to Monterrey factories, enticing tax incentives offered by the Coahuila state government, and the thriving industrial landscape within the region, particularly in Saltillo.

Proximity to Monterrey Factories

One of Saltillo’s key selling points for businesses looking to establish a nearshoring presence is its close proximity to the industrial powerhouse of Monterrey, often referred to as the “industrial capital of Mexico.” Just a short drive away from Saltillo, Monterrey boasts a robust network of factories, manufacturing facilities, and a highly skilled workforce. The synergistic relationship between Saltillo and Monterrey makes it an ideal choice for companies seeking to set up operations in Mexico while being close to a wealth of suppliers, partners, and logistical resources.

Tax Incentives in Coahuila

The state of Coahuila has been proactive in attracting foreign investment and nearshoring opportunities, offering a range of attractive tax incentives. These incentives include reduced corporate tax rates, customs and import benefits, as well as exemptions on machinery and equipment used for production. The Coahuila government’s commitment to fostering a business-friendly environment has drawn in numerous multinational corporations and enterprises, all eager to take advantage of these favorable conditions.

Thriving Industrial Landscape

Saltillo, in particular, has earned a reputation for its thriving industrial landscape. The city is home to a diverse range of industries, including automotive manufacturing, aerospace, technology, and advanced manufacturing. The presence of well-established companies and a skilled workforce creates a dynamic environment for businesses looking to thrive. Notably, Saltillo has become a prominent player in the automotive industry, housing major assembly plants for renowned automakers.

The strong infrastructure and logistics capabilities in the region have further fueled Saltillo’s appeal for nearshoring. The city benefits from a well-developed transportation network, including access to major highways and railroads, making it easier for companies to manage their supply chains efficiently.

In conclusion, Saltillo’s emergence as the best destination for nearshoring is a testament to the unique advantages it offers. Its proximity to Monterrey factories, the generous tax incentives provided by the Coahuila government, and the vibrant industrial landscape in Saltillo make it an unbeatable choice for companies looking to tap into Mexico’s potential as a nearshoring hub. As businesses seek to expand their global reach, Saltillo stands out as a strategic, cost-effective, and business-friendly location for nearshoring operations.

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