Industrial Growth in Saltillo How to prepare?

Jul 1, 2022 | Distribution Center

Saltillo is nationally recognized as a city of great industrial growth, it is the cradle of companies of different types and industries.

Currently, more and more foreign companies are deciding to invest in this municipality located in the northeast of Mexico, with automotive companies being the most interested.

However, it would be unfair to mention that only Saltillo is the one receiving such benefits, as cities such as Ramos Arizpe are also drivers of the industry and continue to grow in this area.

This makes Coahuila one of the states with one of the highest per capita values nationally, with 126 thousand pesos per year, being the seventh state with the highest value and has the largest automotive cluster in the country.

Location, connectivity and growth in Saltillo

Coahuila has a location that allows connectivity with different roads throughout the country and not only that, but it is also possible to easily access highways that connect to the United States of America.

Thanks to this, Saltillo has become a city that makes possible the meeting of strategic points between companies, which increases productivity and the closing of high-value business.

Nearby are Ramos Arizpe and Arteaga, municipalities with which Saltillo maintains an interrelationship that boosts its economic activities, and Saltillo, being the city with the largest population, contributes to the social, economic and urban development of Ramos Arizpe and Arteaga.

Today, Saltillo is one of the main economic zones in Mexico, with a highly competitive and solid offer for companies that wish to progress and continue to evolve as the city does.

interconectividad padres santos

Industrial Parks in Saltillo

Around the state of Coahuila, we can find a large number of industrial parks that, of course, boost the high competitiveness of the market, potentiating the growth of companies.

Likewise, the number of Industrial Parks in Saltillo is no coincidence, thanks to the Metropolitan Zone integrated by the municipalities of Saltillo, Arteaga and Ramos Arizpe, it is possible the establishment of businesses and companies that are in search of a good geographical location, modern infrastructure and adapted to their interests, in addition to highly qualified labor.

For all the advantages that Saltillo offers to national and international companies and the accelerated growth that has occurred in recent years, it is no surprise that companies decide to establish themselves immediately, however, due to this high demand it can sometimes be difficult to find the ideal place to do so.

Padres Santos Industrial Park is an excellent option, rent and sale of warehouses that not only have a location that allows a strategic roadway for those who decide to move to specific points of interest.

In addition, it offers high quality services that are perfect for manufacturing, industrial, logistics, packaging and more!

Public scale, parking for trailers and roads that allow easy access to the industrial zones of Saltillo and Ramos Arizpe.

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