Why is a Distribution Center important for companies?

Jul 1, 2022 | Distribution Center

In recent years, manufacturing companies have become increasingly interested in having a place for storage and distribution of their products with a good location, usually in the outskirts of cities or near industrial areas with roads that facilitate distribution, but is this a good idea? Find out below.

What is a Distribution Center?

A distribution center, also known by its acronym CEDIS, is a building that allows the correct logistics of the companies, taking care of the processes of distribution and reception of merchandise.
Its main function is to streamline and facilitate storage and logistics processes, to mention a few, in addition to allowing cost savings because these places usually have a strategic location and space adapted and suitable for proper operations.

How does a Distribution Center work?

One of the main missions of a Distribution Center is the reception of merchandise and its adequate distribution in a determined delivery time, which is why the inventories of these places are small and with a high rotation level.
There are different functions within a Distribution Center which can be divided as follows:
Receiving: In this stage, the goods that are sent by suppliers, some other warehouse of the same company, production center, orders, etc. are received.
The trucks are unloaded and the merchandise is moved to the specific location for storage.

Storage: It is worth mentioning that the storage time within a distribution center is usually short and should be dispatched as soon as possible, as we must remember that there are specific times that must be met.
And the implementation of a storage system is completely independent and unique, since it is according to the company’s line of business, it cannot be chosen at random.

Order preparation: Now begins the part of order preparation, also known as picking, in order to proceed to the correct dispatch.
Order preparation can be done manually or with automated systems, depending on the systems used by each company.

Expedition: Each and every one of the previous steps makes possible the last phase, which is the shipment and delivery of the stored products to the established place.

How do I know if my company needs a Distribution Center?

If what you want is the fast and accurate delivery of your finished or semi-finished products, in a more competitive way, increasing the success of your company, as well as the positive image of it, by having a correct management of your logistics, you do not have to think about it anymore.
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