Industrial Parks: Saltillo’s new era

Aug 2, 2022 | Industrial Park

Saltillo is a city recognized nationally and internationally for the large number of industrial parks located in its territory, cradles of world-class companies.

Providing a high number of jobs and at the same time, boosting the current economy of the capital of Coahuila.

Companies located in Saltillo

However, this is not something new, although industrial development in Saltillo began thanks to companies such as CIFUNSA, CINSA, Inyec Diesel, among others, it was not until the 70’s when, thanks to the arrival of General Motors and Chrysler, the city’s recognition increased.

This put Saltillo in the spotlight of the rest of the country and the world, as one of the driving cities of the automotive industry to date.

Today, Coahuila is home to a total of 16 industrial parks, 12 of which are located in Saltillo and Ramos Arizpe.

Although both cities account for a significant amount of industrial production, 89.58% of the industrial sector is located in Saltillo and only 10% in Ramos Arizpe.

Saltillo industrial power

According to the Urban Development Program for the Metropolitan Area of Saltillo, Ramos Arizpe and Arteaga, the city of Saltillo ranks seventh in the country in terms of area available for the construction of industrial buildings, with a large number of square meters available.

One of the aspects that continue to allow the growth of the Metropolitan Zone of Saltillo and Ramos Arizpe is the proximity to Monterrey and, of course, to the neighboring country to the south, the United States.

The different land routes allow the correct distribution to different places inside and outside the country without problems and with an adequate amount of time thanks to its excellent location.

Currently, Saltillo has spaces and areas adapted to the needs of those heavy or light industrial companies that wish to invest in Saltillo, Coahuila within the next 30 years.

Industrial Parks have been changing at the same time as the industry has been changing, and it is important for companies to adapt to these changes and their needs.

Some companies look for easy access to main and strategic roads, others prefer to give priority to comfort and meet the needs of the company and workers, it all depends on what they are looking for.

Where do I find industrial growth in Saltillo?

One example is Padres Santos Industrial Park, a new industrial park that provides everything necessary for companies that are looking for a comfortable place for their employees, enough space for manufacturing or storage, while providing the highest quality services.

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