4 advantages of built to suit warehouses

Aug 8, 2022 | Build to suit warehouses

The growth in the industry in recent years has been unstoppable, the market is growing and thanks to them, companies are looking for places to establish themselves.

Due to this growth, a concept has emerged that brings with it a series of advantages for the industrial and real estate area.
Build to suit
concept has emerged, bringing with it a number of advantages for the industrial and real estate sectors.

Although the idea of build-to-suit was born in the United States and has been adopted in Europe, it is a new and fresh concept in Latin America.

What is Build to Suit?

The translation for build to suit is “build to suit” and consists of offering real estate with areas perfectly adapted to your requirements to meet all the demands that companies may need.

They seek to cover distribution, warehousing, manufacturing, sales, etc. needs. These are places equipped to fulfill the functions and activities without disturbances or possible mishaps.

Advantages of the build-to-suit model for companies

In Mexico, implementing build-to-suit is a good idea in industrial zones. It is a great option mainly because of its proximity to the United States, and the different routes that allow interconnectivity from one country to the other.

While build to suit can bring several advantages, we bring you 4 that can be beneficial for your company:

Medium and long-term contracts

With the build-to-suit method, it is not necessary for companies to buy or build space for the activities they wish to carry out.

Through contracts that can last for a longer than average period of time, from 5 to 20 years, or more if the company needs it, they can guarantee the stability of your company with a perfectly adapted space.


In order to streamline transportation and reduce costs, most build to suit warehouses should be located in locations with access to main roads, highways to major cities or metropolitan areas.

Location is one of the main advantages of this model because the objective is to create warehouses with facilities in all areas for companies.

Fully equipped

A tailor-made warehouse must have everything necessary for companies of any business line, and must take care of every detail and prioritize the production, storage, administration, logistics, etc. areas.

The main objective of the creation of these warehouses is to meet the strict needs of each company for their total satisfaction.

Highly profitable

The acquisition of this type of warehouses is usually more profitable than the direct purchase of a land, everything that involves the construction and the adequacy of the space with the needs that the company is looking for.

For this reason and sometimes because of the time factor it is more advisable to rent or buy a warehouse with everything a company needs included and this saves time, money and of course, effort.

Although the rise of the build-to-suit model warehouses is completely new in Mexico and is gradually increasing, more and more companies are interested in this new business model. build to suit is completely new in Mexico and is gradually increasing, there are more and more companies interested in this new business model.

One example is Parque Industrial Padres Santos, located in the city of Saltillo, with the rental and sale of 1,306.50m2 warehouses with lobby area, warehouse and office.

It has quality services and a location with access to different communication routes.

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